The moment that Bug entered a space of suffering they looked to god to find a way out. There wasn't a way out. Individuals had promised that god would bring peace but they had lied. The church never cared about them; they only cared about the seat that was filled by Their presence. 
The red string of fate(or faith, rather) has ties two identities together. One being the suffocating regulations of the church and the other being the longing to be true to your queer identity. Queer Individuals are hated because the church  know they will never compete with the happiness of being separated from a system that relies on compliance in order to be effective. Without the blind faith to follow every word written in painfully small text there is no congregation to control. There is no congregation to act on their faith believing that even if they disown their children for being their true self they still will be rewarded in heaven for being a good and faithful servant. 
Bug sows bits and pieces of Themself into this body of work. Pushing for the triumph of being true to who They are while taking back the time lost trying to satisfy a god who never was there.

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